Sunday, 3 November 2013

DIY Twin Roses Handbags

Well it has finally been one weekend that I was free and got the time to take pictures of the new bags and get some me time, well not really but that's another story.
What I already got done during the week is sewing all these handbags, a total of seven (that is 7!).
(Yeah, and I always say I don't have any time, I know, I just took some, oops).
 These are the first two sets of twin bags I made this week, all four of them. And below there are detailed collages of the rose ones.
For the striped pink and green twins check out the previous entry.

And tomorrow I'm going back to Svet metraze (been there 5 times in the last week already) and buying some more fabrics for the bags that you've ordered. I can't wait and hopefully you can't wait either. ;)

Oh, PS: For the ones who read the previous post: I successfully persuaded my sister to start learning that Rachmaninoff. ;)

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