Monday, 11 November 2013

DIY Music Bags and New Fabrics

 So studying on Academy of music makes you be involved in orchestras and other projects with other musicians. Obviously. And then everyone there is of course crazy about all things musical. And bags made out of fabric that has some notes and instruments etc on is no exception.
So lately Neža and Špela ordered these two bags, quite different in size and the colour of the inner fabric and of course both absolutely great.
I only took these two pictures of the bag on my phone, therefore not so good quality and no details.

And today I was in Svet metraže again. It's been five days since my last visit, folks, five (5) days. That means I'm so not serious as a customer. Forgive me. :D
But anywho, joke aside, today I've spent almost two hours there, oops, and spent quite some money and brought home some great fabrics for some ordered bags and some to spare and make bags with no particular order.
If you want a bag and check more of them out visit my facebook page @Purcell's Purse with a new edited album of handbags.


  1. Wiiii, sove! Dabest! Vrtnice fej in fuj. Tetris je tud kul. GB bleeeeek. Ostala dva - bi šlo no.

    1. No sej zato pa niso zate. :D
      Sove pa.. jah povej kdaj jih hočš, čimprej I guess? Sreda bi vrjetn šlo. :)

  2. Delaš pa res luškane torbice:) Tale dizajn s sovicami - so cute:))

    1. Hvala. Sovice so res hit, ja. Lahko naročiš. ;)